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Our Story

Black Entrepreneur Brand is a premium clothing brand that was started in 2017 after seeing the need for those in the black community to highlight being a business owner. We are referenced as being many things, but one thing we do not get enough acknowledgement for is being business owners. Some of us work multiple jobs to fund our businesses. Others work long days just to save money to even start a business while still taking care our of financial obligations. 

Regardless of where people are in their entrepreneurial journey we wanted them to be proud and know they are doing great things. And that is what one is reminded of and feels when wearing the brand. 

Being a Black Entrepreneurs is you turning a idea(s) and vision into reality. Black Entrepreneur Brand is a clothing for current and future Black Entrepreneurs. The purpose of wearing this brand is to proudly express that your are committed to changing your life and the life of those around you. Anything less just won’t do. We don’t wait for success, we go after it." $ecure The Bag Everyday! 

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